RX 60 3.5 – 5 Ton

RX 60 2.5 – 3.5 Ton
Aralık 15, 2020
RX 60 6 – 8 Ton
Aralık 15, 2020
Her Şey Dahil, Emisyon Hariç! —

Make the most of the smart performance of an exceptional accelerator. Right from the start the RX 60-35/600 to RX 60-50/600 will win over any operator with its perfect balance of power, ergonomics, manoeuvrability and energy consumption.

Önce Çıkan Özellikleri:
Sınıfının en yüksek seviyesinde yol tutuş performansı ile olağanüstü performans
Optimum kullanılabilirlik: Tek pil şarjıyla en yüksek aralık
İdeal iş istasyonu: STILL Easy Control yerleşik bilgisayarlı geniş kabin

ModelMax. Kapasite* (kg)Max. Kaldırma Yüksekliği (mm)Yürüyüş Hızı (km/sa)Akü Voltajı (V)
RX 60-35/600 3.5007.1802080
RX 60-40/600 4.0007.1802080
RX 60-45/600 4.5007.1802080
RX 60-50/600 4.9906.8801980
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The 20 km/h intralogistics powerhouse is a true wonder in this segment in terms of the range per battery charge. At the same time, the RX 60-35/600 to RX 60-50/600 impresses with a handling performance at the highest level in the weight class of up to 5.0 tonnes. Moreover, choose our STILL lithium- ion technology and you can even handle three-shift operations without the need for a replacement battery.

Whatever your needs, the RX 60 can be operated intuitively and precisely in any situation. And thanks to the quick-start mode, this nimble truck is ready to start work as soon as you sit down in the spacious driver’s cab. Here, you will also find yet another outstanding feature – the STILL Easy Control on-board computer. This tool gives you direct access to key performance functions and provides a constant overview of all the relevant vehicle information. Go electric with a forklift truck that delivers the very best performance every second and in every application.
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